Osvaldo Golijov
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Caravan - Kronos Quartet
Nonesuch 79490
Released 04-18-00

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Track 2Canção Verdes Anos (Song of the Green Years)Composer: Carlos ParedesKronos Quartet
Track 3Aaj Ki Raat (Tonight Is the Night)Composer: Rahul Dev BurmanKronos Quartet
Track 4La Muerte Chiquita (The Little Death)Composer: Enrique RangelKronos Quartet
Track 5Turceasca (Turkish Song)Composer: Sapo PerapaskeroTaraf de Haïdouks
Track 6Gloomy Sunday Composer: Reszö SeressKronos Quartet
Track 8Responso (Responsory)Composer: Aníbal TroiloKronos Quartet
Track 9Romance No.1 Composer: Carlos Paredes Kronos Quartet
Track 12Misirlou Twist Composer: Nicholas Roubanis Kronos Quartet with Martyn Jones, drums

...The Kronos Quartet takes a voyage musically, stopping in Romania, India, the Middle East and the United States (among other places). The album is sonically scenic, played with the quartet's customary verve. Eight of the twelve selections were arranged by the Argentine composer and frequent Kronos partner Osvaldo Golijov, who provides a cohesive voice to the seemingly disparate works.

—Ira Rosenblum, The New York Times

...This is a hilarious and tremendous disc by the Yankee Pashas of Post-Modern Internationalism, full of wild gypsy campfire hoedowns and Middle-Eastern romps...

—Jeff Simon, Buffalo News

...Caravan could prove to be not only one of the most popular Kronos albums but also one of the quartet's best.


...Here the Kronos' frisky wanderlust is positively contagious. On a dozen tracks we get a musical travelogue of that crossroads of peoples and cultures once known as Pannonia-the territory that connects northeastern Europe with the Mediterranean and Asia-with side excursions to Iran, Buenos Aires and Mt. Diablo in the Kronos' home town. There are a Portuguese fados, an Indian film theme, a Romanian Gypsy song and tunes from Argentina, Portugal, Mexico and Lebanon, most of them arranged by Argentinean composer Osvaldo Golijov, the unifying voice of this tantalizing collection...Altogether, this is one of the most appealing albums the Kronos has ever released.

—John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

...Considering the diverse sources for the music, Caravan is a surprisingly cohesive recording. David Harrington gives some of the credit to Golijov who arranged eight of the 12 cuts on the album. Golijov's challenge included translating the work of Mexican rock group Café Tacuba, Gypsy band Taraf de Haïdouks, Indian film composer Rahul Dev Burman and Portuguese composer Carlos Paredes into the language of Kronos. Osvaldo connected...He just got it, says Harrington. "This is music played by a Romanian Gypsy band and a California string quartet, arranged by an Argentine whose family is from Russia. It makes me think of walking in New York or Paris or San Francisco and seeing the incredible connections between people."

New York Daily News

...But not since 'Pieces of Africa' has Kronos yielded such vibrant and well-integrated results. Some of the credit may go to composer Osvaldo Golijov, who arranged many of these pieces for the quartet.

San Francisco Examiner